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Halloween in a Fitness Center

October 2, 2017 1:00 pm

It’s that time of year when the temperature drops and Fall is in the air. Halloween is right around the corner and the spooky festivities are now available in abundance.

Halloween offers fun opportunities for community building within your Fitness center and a great time to invite prospects to see your center. But you’re a health-based operation, how are you going to make your fitness center a community spot when Halloween is based around candy?

We’re here to tell you that Halloween doesn’t have to be about candy and night time terrors. You don’t have to offer a pumpkin spice smoothies at your smoothie bar (but you should if you have those resources available, pumpkin-anything will definitely perk up your income after the summer) to bring a healthy Halloween into your fitness center.

The Pumpkin is an amazing gourd. It tastes great and it comes in different sizes, shapes and weights. Perfect as an alternative medicine ball to carry around through a session. – If you do plan to use pumpkins in a workout make sure to schedule in extra time to clean up after it. Everyone means well, but a pumpkin will break and it will get messy. Get Inspired by a pumpkin perfect crossfit at 

Pumpkin aside, there are other Halloween-themed workouts you could plan into your schedule this month. Rename classes or activities to reflect a Halloween-esque inspiration: Zumba can be Zoombie or you can have special workouts like a Zombie Escape workout that goes over some moves you’ll likely need to do when running for your life during the Zombie apocalypse.

You can feature some Halloween songs in your music playlist. Songs like “Thriller” from Michael Jackson and “Ghostbusters” could be good starting points to any spook-tacular playlist.

Encourage your members to dress up in workout-friendly costumes or invite everyone to come for an open-house costume party for outside guests wanting to experience your center. Costume contest optional.

If you’re located in a neighborhood where trick-or-treaters will likely pass by, get someone to hand out goodies! Since we’re all focused on health and fitness, avoid the candy. You can hand out small promotional items, a guest-pass to your center, or little water bottles.

Encourage your members to get some of that candy out of their house and collect candy for Operation Gratitude’s Treats for Troops to send candy to our troops away from home.

What will you be doing for Halloween this year in your Fitness Center? Let us know!

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