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Holiday Gift Giving with FitRewards

November 24, 2017 7:00 am

Member's Corner: Holiday Gift-Giving with FitRewardsSweat off the gift-giving dread with FitRewards. If your Fitness Center has a FitRewards program than you already know of all the awesome rewards available in the catalog, so why not redeem a gift instead of spending money for it?

I know you were trying to save up for something in the higher point levels, but with enough sweat, grit, determination (and probably some referrals and personal training packages) you’ll be able to get right back where you are right now faster than you think. So instead of worrying about your savings fund dwindling from all the gifts you’re expected to give, look to FitRewards first.

With six levels of point redemption you’re sure to find something to knock off your list. You might not want redeem a bike or a television for anyone on your list (and if you are, definitely look at those higher point levels and save yourself the expense) but there’s a ton of items available in the 1250 point level for a number of people on your list. (and since 1250 is the lowest level, you can definitely get quite a few items from that level if you’ve been saving up for some of the bigger items)

There’s always a good array of water bottles, clothing and other smaller items at this level that you’re sure to find something anyone would like, great for having for yankee swaps, secret santas, and other gift-giving events.

But even better than the selection of items offered in the FitRewards catalog – the ease of getting it to the recipient. As long as you don’t mind a box getting sent to someone’s house instead of the hassle of wrapping it yourself you can fill out their shipping information when you hit “Select This Reward”, all our vendor partners ship anywhere in the United States.

Don’t have a FitRewards program you can redeem from? Ask your gym to join us for a demo so they can see all the amazing things they could be rewarding you for!

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