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Members feet can tell you a lot about how your fitness facility is doing…

November 27, 2017 4:08 pm

Members vote with their FEET!

Paying attention to what those feet are saying today can help you plan for tomorrow. If you are a regular on our educational webinars you have heard more than once, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” So how does measuring members feet help plan for an upcoming year? It starts with what you are doing to retain them along with what offerings you have to entice their spending. Our industry is doing a great job opening new facilities, but a poor job getting and retaining more members. Retained members spend more money. Here’s how to take a closer look and implement some ideas to increase non dues revenue a little at a time.

  1. Average Revenue per member: Look at 2017 and even 2016 and find out what your average “Revenue per Member” is. Take that number and work on increasing it, even if it’s just a few dollars year to year. A little will go along way. Not knowing your revenue per member risks going backwards and playing the guessing game and for sure won’t grow your business.
  2. Programs:
    1. Rentals: A small office/ or space can easily be turned into a revenue generating space. Massage/spa/therapy to name a few. A larger space can be used for member and non member events. Birthday parties, special events, even after prom. Look at your community events. Offer up rental space. Chances are you will even get some new members out of it and maybe even some free press.
    2. Tournaments: double win. Engages members and brings in program revenue
    3. Youth speed and agility training: News flash, your members are brining their kids elsewhere. Parents will pretty much spend anything to make their kids faster and stronger. Why wouldn’t you keep those dollars in your facility!
    4. Personal Training/Team Training. You should be penetrating 5% of your membership engaging and paying for PT. Enough said.
    5. Café/Juice/Recovery: Offering reasons to stay in the facility post workout is an easy way to increase revenue per member. Plus, it helps retain the member by making them feel great about what they just did in regard to their workout. They will come back for more.
  3. Club Attendance/Usage: run your ad hoc reports from your CMS system and start to manage and know your member usage stats. Track the % weekly/monthly/annually. Know where you stand so you can measure growth. Don’t just guess, using your actual stats will allow you to measure growth or loss so you can determine the how’s and why’s. IHRSA defines the two types of users below to get you started.
    1. Core users: (2x’s per week user)
    2. Unique user (1 time per month)

To wrap this up, don’t forget to reward and acknowledge staff for keeping the wheels turning everyday. They are your eyes and ears where you can’t be and they are more important that any list we could present to you. Good luck kicking 2017’s butt and Go get em in 2018.


Pamela Ozoroski is Director of New Business Development for New Paradigm Partners and FitRewards University.

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