About FitRewards

FitRewards is the first reward and loyalty program specific to the Health and Fitness Industry.

What is FitRewards?

FitRewards is a customizable point banking loyalty program.

Facilities can decide for what and how many points to give their members in exchange for a behavior such as referring someone, using the facility, or participating in a program. These points can be redeemed from a catalog of customized gifts such as branded merchandise, facility services or other name brand products. Product assortments are selected by the facility and then as products are redeemed by members they are shipped right to their door.

How FitRewards can help

We help facilities increase new member enrollment via referrals, decrease attrition, increase ancillary revenue and increase email acquisition. Our findings with our overall clients show up to an 8% improvement in ancillary spending, a 15% improvement in referrals, a 5% decrease in attrition, and an increase in email penetration by 100%!

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In 2005, there were 3 club owners and operators that needed more referrals. They brainstormed on a concept that would be a low cost way to increase referral generation in their multi-purpose club. Reward, retain, repeat.

Having tried all the traditional approaches; earn a ticket for each referral, spin the wheel win a prize, t-shirt giveaways, and contests and raffles. Nothing had the impact they were looking for.2006

So they looked into other industries, and knew the airline and credit card companies had implemented a point based rewards system. They had a hunch that if this point based rewards concept worked in other industries, it would work in the Fitness Industry also. And they were right.2007

First successfully implemented in their own club, FitRewards soon was available to clubs all across the country. Over the past 10 years, FitRewards has evolved into more than just a referral generating program, it is a full member engagement tool.2014

Who are the 3 Club Owners and Operators? They are New Paradigm Partners! A consulting and management firm specific to the health and fitness industry. Their purpose is to ensure that their clients are fulfilling both their mission and profit objective.

FitRewards was born as a solution to increase guest, member engagement and retention.