FitRewards University

FitRewards believes in education and support during every step of your launch process, and every step after. Through our extensive Sales and Marketing Support Team, we help you keep your members engaged for the lifetime of your program. Let us get you up and running.

All inclusive FitRewards program training for your entire facility staff conducted by health and fitness professionals.

Toll free support:

(888) 762-8156
Mon-Fri / 9:00 am—5:00 pm EST

  • General Staff webinar style trainings
  • Consulting on how to use the FitRewards platform as a backbone to drive your marketing efforts and increase guest and member traffic
  • General online trainings for the staff
  • Client/Member support
  • Monthly eNewsletter
  • Quarterly Best Practices Webinar series
  • Complimentary Consultation Sessions with New Paradigm Partners
  • Marketing Portal
  • Retention Summit/Mastermind Events

Marketing Support and Staff Training are two ways FitRewards makes sure program integration is smooth.
Current Clients can request Custom Marketing Here.

Account Manager
A manager will be assigned to each facility and provide an annual ROI report. They will provide you with program statistics during the lifetime of your program at your request.
Customer Support
Your members may have questions or need assistance in activating their online account. Our online Customer Support Managers respond to emails within 24 hours.
Ensures that data sent from your club's management software is received and processed correctly. Also helps change the verbiage & content of the online platform and assist in keeping your rewards catalog fresh.
Data Manager
A professional Industry Consultant, will conduct all trainings and execute webinars.
Staff Trainer

Marketing support

Upon launching FitRewards we will consult with you on the proper internal/external marketing strategy to ensure program effectiveness. We work with various marketing companies on the execution of both.

Staff Training

Membership, staff and direct program support training. Membership training compliments your sales and referral training by using FitRewards to leverage referral business. We familiarize all staff with a program overview.