FitRewards Programs

We offer solutions that each work to engage, retain and excite your members while increasing your bottom line.

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Choosing to implement a rewards and loyalty program is a step in the right direction. Creating one that fits the vision and has a positive impact on your bottom line is the next.

Our team of loyalty experts will take your vision, our expertise and experience to deliver the perfect solution for you. All of our programs are individually crafted to each individual client. Your brand is distinct, so should your rewards & loyalty program.

Program Design

We host a variety of integrations that enables us to pull data directly from you CMS

Design of an automatic scalable point banking system for your facility customized with your logo

Custom designed email communication to your members

Member rewards accounts are mobile responsive and can be accessed 24/7

Back end reporting access

Installation of an automated 3-step “Refer a Friend” module

We help you design a custom rewards program
based on the behaviors and actions of your choice!

Design your own rewards catalog

Members want to know what they can earn. Dangle the carrot, we know what makes the program sticky by populating the catalog with just the right amount of club services and programs.

Preview of rewards items, based on redemption levels Includes 5 Redemption Levels and up to 32 incentive options per level.

Facility logo embroidered merchandise that FitRewards fulfills.

Club services, programs, & community partners that is fulfilled at your facility.

FitRewards items are shipped right to your member’s address of choice within 10-15 business days within Continental US. We take care of shipping, handling, taxes, insurance or returns.

Product returns or warranty claims will be handled through FitRewards and it’s partners as a part of the services provided to your organization.

Customize your Marketing Collateral

We will brand and customize marketing material designed to bring your program to life and engage your members

Marketing Kit
This marketing kit includes 10 marketing pieces.

Special Event Marketing
Additional marketing is available for special events, campaigns and promotions.

External marketing support available.

Email Communication
Automatic System Emails. Up to 10 strategically planned emails with specific content customized.