It is a proven fact in all industries that creating loyal customers retains them longer and increases the amount of money they spend.

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You want MORE than 20% of your members using the club and visiting your profit centers. A rewards and loyalty program is the secret sauce to get you there. Stop spending your precious hours trying to figure out what is going to give you the real results you want.

FitRewards has been here all along.

The proof is in the statistics

109,555 personal training revenue in the last 6 months of the program
Gold’s Gym, Alamonte Springs, Florida

$17,000 referral revenue in the first 5 months of the program
Gold’s Gym, Allentown, PA

$55,000 referral revenue generated in the first year of the program
Hollywood Fitness, Portland, OR

634 members attended a Les Mills specialty class in the last 6 months
Gold’s Gym, Winter Haven, Florida

70% of guest passes generated in the past 12 months resulted in a new member activation
LECOM Medical & Fitness Center, Erie, PA

291 new members were referred in the first 5 months of the program
Franciscan Omni Health & Fitness, Schererville, Indiana

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